How Do I Prevent Sunburn?

How Do I Prevent Sunburn?

ROCKFORD, Ill. (WTVO) — Residents who were outside at all on Tuesday or Wednesday know how hot it currently is.

Dermatologists are warning about the dangers the sun can do to skin as the area heads into summer. The concern is long-term effects from the sun. Experts said that everything can be enjoyed in moderation, including the big, fiery ball in the sky.

“Higher SPF sunscreen, and we are applying it every 30 minutes because we do have some pretty pale skin, and staying under the shade definitely helps,” said local resident Jesi Joyes.

Joyes makes sure that she and her daughter Piper are always protected from the sun.

“You can still get sun burnt even on a cloudy day,” Joyes said. “If that sun is there and the sun is out, it’s still shining, so we use our lip balm that has the SPF in it. “You know, our moisturizer and of course our sun block.”

She is not just worried about getting burnt at the pool, but also the long-term effects. Heather Reese, a nurse practitioner at MD SkinCenter, said that too much sun exposure can lead to fine lines, wrinkles or even skin cancer.

“Sunscreen use and reapplication, 30 plus SPF or higher.. hats,” Reese said. “Some people even wear the dry wick moisture free clothing to cover their arms and legs will also help. They make clothing now with SPF in it.”

Reese recommends a broad spectrum, water resistant and mineral-based 30 plus sunscreen. Along with specific sunscreens for face and body, she also suggests sun breaks.

“I would say 30 minutes if you can do it, and take a break inside is a good idea,” Reese said. “And again, I know sometimes that’s not always realistic. Any sort of shelter from the sun, even for just a little bit of time, it give you a little bit of a break.”

Joyes said she makes sure that she and Piper wear sunscreen all year round.

“We aren’t the kind of people where we get the awesome tan, we just burn and peel and do it over and over again, so I would just rather be protected than, you know, not at all,” Joyes said.

The Skin Cancer Foundation said that regular, daily use of SPF 15 sunscreen can reduce a person’s risk of developing cancer by 40%.

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