What are the Advantages of Mohs Surgery

Unlike other methods of treatment, Mohs surgery is widely regarded as the most successful and effective method of treating skin cancer with the highest cure rate of up to 99%.  The tissue that is removed is microscopically examined to confirm complete tumor removal.  If microscopic examination reveals additional cancer cells, it will show the surgeon the precise location where additional removal is needed.

The procedure maximizes both functional and cosmetic outcomes since it results in the smallest wound and spares the most healthy skin and tissue surrounding the tumor.  When Dr. Jun performs the reconstruction after the Mohs surgery, he also creates a reconstructive surgical plan tailored to the patient, wound size and location, to provide minimal scarring and maximum function.  

Performed in an outpatient setting under local numbing, patients avoid the time, expense and side effects of inpatient surgery and general anesthesia.  Patients also appreciate knowing the results the same day and having peace of mind that the cancer is completely removed.