Rachel Schneberger, RN Injector and Cosmetic Service Provider

Rachel Schneberger, RN

Rachel is a Registered Nurse Injector specializing in cosmetic injectables such as Botox and Filler, anti-aging devices like Morpheus8 and SkinPen, and customizable skin regimens.  Her background includes over two decades in the beauty and aesthetic industry which has given her a keen ability to analyze facial structure to help patients look and feel their best.  Rachel's philosophy is to deliver safe and natural enhancements.

Education is incredibly important to Rachel and she attends several advanced injectable trainings every year to stay on top of the newest cosmetic advancements and best practices.  Her motto is, "the best injectable is undetectable!" and she delivers natural looking results to enhance her patient's features.  Outside of the clinic, Rachel loves spending time with her young daughter, hiking, and traveling.